At CoolzHeating we sell a variety of HVAC products that will help you to properly operate and maintain your existing HVAC system. We want to make sure that you have what you need to enjoy the heating and cooling benefits of your HVAC system. We are proud to offer an assortment of high quality products that will help you make the most use of your heating and air-conditioning equipment. When seeking a company for HVAC assistance, it is always important to choose a company that has comprehensive knowledge of the HVAC industry. CoolzHeating not only sells an assortment of high quality HVAC equipment from reputable companies such as Trane, Carrier and Goodman but we also install and maintain this equipment. We are your go to company for all things HVAC related. Here are just a few of the miscellaneous products CoolzHeating offers.

Backup Generators¬-Prepare yourself for those occasional blackouts with a generator from CoolzHeating. Operating on gas, our generators will keep the lights on and all your important electrical equipment running when you need it most.

Condensate Pumps-If you use a dehumidifier, a condensate pump is a necessity. Get rid of the water collected by your dehumidifier by pumping it outside. These pumps are available in 120 and 240 volt models.

Thermostat Guards-Protect your thermostat with a high quality thermostat guard. Available in clear, opaque plastic and metal, thermostat guards are great for protecting your thermostat from damage.

Booster Fans-Keep the ducts clean with booster fans. These are perfect for removing dust and lint that can ultimately impede the proper functioning of a dyer and/or the flow of air through vents.

Basement Fans-This is an option for anyone that wants to improve air quality in their basement and reduce the damp, musky odors that often occur as a result of improper ventilation.

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