Maintenance Plans

Most people realize how important it is to properly maintain their existing HVAC system. There are some cases where individuals neglect the proper maintenance of their existing heating air conditioning units only to regret this mistake down the line. Heating and air-conditioning units must have regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure optimal functioning. CoolzHeating offers maintenance plans to ensure that newly installed and existing HVAC equipment is capable of functioning when needed. Don't wait until your HVAC system stops working in order to give it the necessary maintenance it needs. CoolzHeating provides maintenance plans which will ensure that your existing HVAC system receives comprehensive maintenance and repair services on a periodic basis.

In general, our maintenance plans are set up to accommodate the needs of our customers. CoolzHeating has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to properly maintain an assortment of heating, air-conditioning and other systems and equipment. We recommend that our customers receive a biannual maintenance on all of their heating and air conditioning units. Most people prefer to schedule such maintenance during the spring and fall seasons to prepare for the heavy usage of their heating and air conditioning units during the summer and winter seasons. A typical maintenance of an HVAC system involves checking the unit for any damage, replacing filters, ensuring that the unit powers on and off correctly, checking all component parts to ensure proper functioning and thoroughly cleaning the units so that they function at optimal level.

The maintenance plans offered by CoolzHeating were created to make the process of maintaining HVAC systems much easier for our customers. With our maintenance plans, customers no longer have to concern themselves with the various aspects of maintaining a heating or air-conditioning unit. With the purchase of a maintenance plan, CoolzHeating will ensure that one our trained HVAC technicians is dispatched on a scheduled basis to provide the necessary maintenance of heating and air-conditioning equipment.

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