Ground-Source HVAC

Ground source heating and cooling systems incorporate the application of a heat pump that is embedded inside the earth. This kind of heat pump uses the energy from the earth to heat and cool residential and commercial properties. This process can also be utilized to provide hot water. This way of cooling and heating is certainly one of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly methods to adequately provide cooling and heating to a home. By simply using the energy from the earth, many people are able to obtain high-quality cooling and heating for a considerable fraction of the cost related to other types of HVAC systems.

Ground source heat pumps work on either an open or closed looped program. Both of these systems operate very much the same by accumulating heat or cool air from the earth and circulating it back to the home. Open looped systems should be installed next to an ample water supply so that there is always enough hot and cool water to pass through the HVAC system back into the home or commercial property. It is important to note that a ground source heat pump system might be installed vertically, horizontally or near an adequate supply of water such as a pond or lake. The technique of installation is normally based on a variety of factors such as soil type and installation location.

Ground source HVAC systems have quite a few benefits that a number of people prefer for their HVAC needs. One of the main reasons is that the energy needed to cool and heat a house or property is obtained from a pure source-the earth. The ground source heating and cooling system is just about the most energy efficient HVAC options currently available on the market. Many folks report significant energy savings of approximately 70% off their current utility costs. Moreover, ground resource systems require less maintenance over time when compared to other HVAC systems.

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