Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) are an excellent way to improve air quality in the home or business. Although there are an assortment of ways to purify the air in your environment, not all of them have the far-reaching effects of ERV and HRV systems. CoolzHeating installs ERV and HRV systems throughout the Chicago area for both residential and commercial entities. Although both of these systems function to provide fresh air to an environment, they do this in different ways. ERVs freshen the air by redistributing heat and moisture while HRVs redistribute heat only.

If you are somewhat confused as to which system is best for your environment, the trained HVAC technicians of CoolzHeating can help you select the ERV or HRV system that is most compatible with your air cleaning needs. Both ERVs and HRVs are connected to the duct system for operation. HRVs function by removing stale air to the outside and providing a clean, fresh air supply. The ERV works similar to the HRV in that it also redistributes the moisture in the air. Those that are purely interested in air quality may opt for the HRV. Those that are interested in obtaining clean air that also has balanced moisture content would do well with an ERV.

There are a number of benefits that come with using ERVs and HRVs. Both of these pieces of equipment offer improved air quality and because of this they help to keep HVAC equipment cleaner. The ERVs can also help you increase energy efficiency by adjusting moisture levels in the air which can help you lower utility costs by reducing the need to adjust your thermostat. Many individuals enjoy the ability to have fresh air on a consistent basis, and the ERV and HRV units are a great way to obtain fresh air in an energy efficient manner.

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