Residential HVAC Equipment Installation & Replacement

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For more information about choosing a contractor, please see our article entitled: Top 12 Questions that Should be Answered Before Selecting a Contractor to Replace Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System.

Heating and Cooling Duct Replacement

When replacing an old heating or cooling system, you should also consider replacing your ductwork. Even the most efficient heating and cooling system on the planet won’t provide you much extra comfort if it’s attached to old and outdated ductwork.

Why not get the most out of your new or existing system?

Even a new higher efficiency system won’t provide you all the efficiency improvement and energy savings you could enjoy. This is called ‘The Energy Efficiency Dilemma’. A new system is only part of the solution. The other part is your ductwork. Your existing ductwork may not meet the requirements your current or new system demands.

Ductwork that is several years old or improperly installed may: Leak your cooled or warmed air to the outside of your home. Suck in dirt and particles from the outside through holes and leaks. Severely increase the money you pay to the utility company without you knowing it. Cause you to replace your system about 4-5 years early because of increased running time.

A heating and cooling system that is attached to an outdated or improperly installed duct system could be costing you more money than you will ever realize. EVERY DAY WE ARE MAKING REPAIRS AND REPLACING SYSTEMS THAT OUR CLIENTS COULD HAVE AVOIDED IF THE DUCTWORK WAS NOT CAUSING THE SYSTEM TO BE SEVERELY OVERWORKED.

We want you to have the opportunity to maximize your comfort, lower your energy consumption and save money on your utility bills. Call us at 919-439-8359 for more information.

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