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CoolzHeating is your best option for custom ductwork in the Chicago area and the surrounding suburbs. We have been providing custom ductwork services for many years, and we have helped numerous individuals obtain the quality heating and air-conditioning they desire despite existing issues with the ductwork in their homes and businesses. The quality of a ductwork system cannot be underestimated as this is the pathway in which warm and cool air is distributed through a home or property. If you are experiencing issues with the warming or cooling efficiency of your existing HVAC system, it may be necessary to evaluate the existing ductwork in your home or property. In some cases, the installation of custom ductwork is necessary to alleviate cooling and heating issues associated with an HVAC system.

When performing custom ductwork, CoolzHeating will dispatch a trained HVAC technician to inspect the existing ductwork in a home or property. Upon inspection, if it is determined that there are structural issues within the ductwork, then it is highly recommended that the ductwork be reinstalled in order to increase the efficiency of any heating or cooling equipment that is attached to the ductwork. Thorough measurements of the existing ductwork will be needed in order to create a ductwork system that is balanced and free of any gaps, sagging or other structural issues that can compromise airflow. In some cases, specialty pieces for ductwork will need to be built to ensure the integrity of the ductwork.

Currently, there are many homes that are experiencing inadequate heating and cooling not because of an ineffective heating or air-conditioning unit but because the ductwork does not allow for proper airflow. Whether the ductwork is imbalanced or has existing structural issues such as tears or faulty connections, it is very important to fix these problems to increase proper airflow so that proper heating and cooling within a home or property is achieved.

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