Air Conditioners

CoolzHeating can help you enjoy the comfort of air conditioning with an assortment of air conditioning options. We can install and maintain air conditioning units to suit your home or business. It is best to allow an experienced HVAC company such as CoolzHeating to install your air conditioning unit to ensure proper functioning. CoolzHeating installs the following air conditioning units:

  • Heat Pump Systems-Heat pumps systems are used for both heating and air conditioning. These types of systems are great for those that want an economical cooling option that doesn’t take up much space.
  • Forced Air Cooling-These air conditioning systems are perfect for people that want an air purifier and a heating and air conditioning unit in one. They are energy efficient and capable of circulating air through a home up to 3 to 5 times an hour.
  • plit Air Systems-Split air systems are comprised of a heat pump and air conditioner. The air handler in this system circulates the air throughout an environment. Two of the major advantages of a split air system is its longevity, and the ability to have greater control over the air temperature
  • Packaged Air Systems-These particular air conditioning systems are located outside of the home, and they contain all the working components within the unit. It is connected to the home through ductwork. It works best for those that want to cool large spaces efficiently.

CoolzHeating has ample experience installing various air conditioning units in both homes and businesses. We can help you select the air conditioning system that will provide the most comprehensive, energy efficient cooling for your environment guaranteed. Our technicians will offer knowledgeable advice as to which air conditioning units are best for your home or business and provide a free estimate for the purchase and installation of the air conditioning unit.

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