About R-410A

As the desire to feature more powerful, efficient HVAC equipment in the market increases, the utilization of hazardous, less environmentally friendly HVAC supplies is drawing with a close. Such may be the case with the refrigerant R-22 better known as Freon. It's currently being phased out for a lot more energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. Studies have demonstrated that the use of the refrigerant R-22 in AC units, heating pumps and other equipment over the years has drastically contributed to the creation of a whole in the ozone layer. Thus, R410A may be the solution for desire to generate a refrigerant which could provide the identical cooling effects as R-22 minus the negative effects to the environment.

In an effort to support the use of more eco-friendly goods, the utilization of R-22 in AC units and home heating pumps will be phased away in 2015. Many makers of AC units and home heating pumps understand this, and they are embracing the use of R410A when building new AC units and home heating pumps. CoolzHeating heating and air conditioning technicians are receiving comprehensive training in regards to the use of the new R410A refrigerant. We have invested a significant amount of time, effort and money into making sure we are informed of the latest developments in refrigerants in order to offer HVAC products that are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly to our residential and commercial customers.

It is important to note that increased costs are linked to the usage the refrigerant R410A. As with various energy efficient products, R410A costs more money to create. As R410A begins to become more mainstream as R-22 is phased out, the cost of using R410A may decrease greatly which in turn will result in more affordable HVAC equipment.

The decision to choose and utilize more eco-friendly, efficient methods for heating and cooling is something that CoolzHeating supports completely. We anticipate learning as much as we can about the various methods that can allow us to supply HVAC supplies and services to the public that are both efficient and safe for the environment.

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